Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Adventure of Jack & Sam

Once upon a time there lived two brothers, Jack and Sam with their parents in a house on the edge of a forest. Jack was fourteen years old and Sam was twelve years old. Jack and Sam’s parents had often told them not to go in the forest because it could be dangerous. 

One Saturday morning when Jack and Sam had woken up at 6:00 am they found out that their parents were still sleeping. 

“Don’t wake Mum and Dad, I want to ask you something”, Jack said to his younger brother Sam. 

“What do you want to ask me?” asked Sam.

“I want to ask you if you want to go to the forest?” said Jack.

“But Mum and Dad said that it could be dangerous” said Sam.

Yeah but it would be fun – I mean we could live in caves, do whatever we want to do and go anywhere we like” said Jack.

“But Mum….” said Sam.

“Don’t be such a baby” said Jack.

“OK, let’s go” said Sam.

“Good, now let’s pack the things we have to take before Mum and dad wake up” said Jack.

So they packed the things they needed and set off towards the forest.

In one hour Jack & Sam had reached the forest. They kept close together so that they won’t get lost. “Its creepy in here” said Jack. “I told you let’s not come to this creepy forest, but you said we have to come” said Jack’s younger brother Sam. “I never said we need to come, I said I am going, not we both” said Jack.

“But you said….” said Sam.

“I said nothing, nothing of that sort” said Jack. “Let’s go further in the forest and stop arguing”

“OK let’s go” said Sam.

So they went deeper into the forest. Now the leaves of the trees were getting greener and it was getting darker. When Jack & Sam went forward, they saw a temple.

“What is a temple doing in a forest?” Jack wondered aloud.

“How do I know” said Sam.

“I expected that from you” said Jack, “but there is only one way to find out. Let’s go inside.”

“OK” said Sam.

So they went inside the old temple. It was a little dark because there were lanterns hung on the walls of the ancient temple. The walls were made out of stone. Jack and Sam went deeper in the ancient temple. After sometime they were in a small round-shaped room.

“What is a room doing here? asked Sam.

“Because I live here.” came a voice.

“Wh…who is it” stammered Sam.

“I” , said the voice. An old man appeared from the shadows.

“Who are you and what is your name?” Jack asked the old man.

“I am an old man as you can see and my name is Alan Roy” said the old man.

“You can call me Mr. Roy. What are your names?”

“Our names are Jack & Sam” Jack said. “But what are you doing here Mr. Roy?”

“I..” he hesitated for five seconds and then he said “I was searching for a big treasure and then I got old and since then I have been waiting for somebody to come to this old temple, and you both came so I pass this job on to you?”

“Us?” asked Sam, “Bring it on”. So Jack and Sam set off for their big search.

“Where should we start from?” said Jack. “I mean, Mr Roy did not tell us where to begin.”

“And there are two paths leading somewhere or the other” said Sam.

“Did you notice those two signs saying ‘Warning: Quick Sand’ on the right and ‘Picnic Spot’ on the left?’ said Jack.

“Let’s go right because the people who hid the treasure must have hidden it inside the quick sand,” said Sam.

So they went right, right into the quick sand. Sam stepped into the quick sand.

“Hey, I’m sinking” yelled Sam. Sam sank down till his neck and then something solid touched his leg.

“What was that”, he said. He pulled it out and saw it was a treasure chest.

He said “Let’s give this treasure chest to Mr. Roy.

“OK” said Jack.

So Jack and Sam ran back to the temple where Mr. Roy was waiting for them. After what seemed like half an hour, jack and Sam reached the ancient temple. They went through the maze of the ancient temple. Finally they reached the circular room where Mr. Roy lived. They searched for Mr. Roy and after sometime, Jack shouted “Where are you Mr. Roy!”

Then Mr. Roy replied shouting “I am here. I am coming!”  Then he came out. Jack and Sam showed him the treasure box. He said “So you got it! You can go home now.”

And Jack and Sam went home.