Friday, 13 June 2014

The Environment Creating Box

I wrote this last year….

These were the worst years of my life. Well, literally. I was so obsessed with my work, I hardly ate or slept. All I did was tinkering with vacuum cleaners, A.C. parts and lighters. My best friend had said, "You can't do it. You can never make the machine." But I didn't listen to him. I didn't care what he said. I would make it.

Then at last, after ten years of hard work, I made it. It looked like a plain old piece of metal five square inches and it weighed seven kilograms. It was a box. By the way, my name is Armaan Shah. So let us continue with the story. But as they say, 'never judge a book by its cover', so don't be fooled. It even had a small, shiny, red button on it. Then I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, I ran to my best friend Barry's house with the box.

When I reached his house, I told him, "I've made it!!" Barry replied, "Impossible! Show me." So, I hired a helicopter which would take us to the top of Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world. We wore more than 20 layers and took an oxygen mask with us. When we reached, Barry said over the radio, "Do it." so I, 'Did it.'

I placed the box on the tip of the mountain and pressed the button. The box grew into a huge machine. It had tiny tubes on the sides and a long tube coming out of the top. It had a sucker on the other side of the top and a vast tube on the middle of the top. I knew a thin tube was coming out of the bottom. The tiny tubes started making oxygen. The long tube on the top started to spray seeds and water.
One tube started to suck in all the pollution out of the air. And the vast tube started to create ozone to fix the Ozone Layer. The thin tube gave out water to the insides of Mt Everest which would eventually go underground.

Barry was too stunned to speak. Finally he said “Wow”! I replied “I know. Now let us go, our work over here is done”. So we sat in the helicopter that took us home. Now the machine would keep making environment!!!!!

Armaan Shah

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